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A youth spent in theatre. An education in film. A unique element for any live event.
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Villians' Supper Club at Merrimack Repertory Theatre

Delighted to design projections for MRTs world premiere of Villians' Supper Club. As this show is directly inspired by comic books, this lent projections a large portion of the visual playing space for more literal storytelling. Check out the video below for a sample of how this starburst portal was integrated into & out of perspective! Everything cued through the light board for a completely traditional theatre

"Galactic Girl vs. The Flame" for  Villians' Supper Club  at Merrimack Repertory Theatre Photo Credit: @merrimackrepertorytheatre on instagram

"Galactic Girl vs. The Flame" for Villians' Supper Club at Merrimack Repertory Theatre
Photo Credit: @merrimackrepertorytheatre on instagram

Top of Show House Open Ambiance for A Chirstmas Carol at NSMT 2017
Photo Credit: @mister.oogieboogie on Instagram

A Christmas Carol at North Shore Music Theatre

I am honored to have been apart of NSMTs 27th & my 2nd production of A Christmas Carol. My work within this production focuses primarily on atmospherics and mise en scène. From a simple unassuming London sky all the way to having "the air filled with phantoms."
The crown gem my projections in this show arrive when the audience discovers "it was not a knocker, but Marley's Face!" Previous attempts were made with lighting (VLs & gobos) to transform the knocker, but my projections deliver Marley to the audience, instantaneously  connecting viewer & performer emotionally.  The photos below are of the custom in-house shoot & build of "Marley's Face" at NSMT '17 with the incredible Freddie Kimmel as our truly haunting Jacob Marley.

Evita & 42nd Street

From the sorrowful streets of Buenos Aires as Argentina mourns the loss of their Evita in 1952 to a live homage to Busby Berkeley's mesmerizing top shot, projections add an unmatchable element of live storytelling to proscenium & in-the-round environments.

Panoramic Photo; "Requiem for Evita"
Photo Credit: Zabet during preshow

Mary Poppins & Gallery Shows

My education at the University of New Mexico gave me the space & time to explore my specific passion in live projections as a form of installation art. In addition, having access to and working on/with UNM's full 15ft dome was an incredible and unmatched experience.
During my time curating Mary Poppins I worked with the technical staff to awakened the dreary London Skyline w/kites, butterflies, chimney smoke, and more for the 1st time at North Shore Music Theatre during the summer of 2016.